Knee Joint

The Key To Better Knees

People the world over are struggling with knee problems and are striving hard to find ways and means to battle the issue.

Degenerative Knee Arthritis is very common among the aged and now with the changing lifestyles and sedentary jobs, Knee and Back ailments are affecting the younger generation too.

Dr. Ahmed Wellcare Orthopaedic Centre has a panacea for your woes.
Arthritis of the knee joint causes pain, stiffness, restricted mobility, difficulty in walking and climbing stairs. It is sometimes associated with swelling and deformity of the knee joints resulting in the sufferer's inability to squat on the floor and disturbed sleep due to pain.​

Many people mistakenly assume that they have to put up with it and lead a totally painful, restricted and disabling life, but this condition can be changed.​

Knee Synthesis

The new, Non-Surgical, Conservative holistic treatment at Dr. Ahmed Wellcare Orthopaedic centre is safe, has no side effects and the results are excellent.

The Protocol involves PEMF therapy, Lazer biofeedback, E-Therapy, weight management, use of custom-made footwear, prolotherapy, strengthening programme and natural medications.

Stem cell therapy is done wherever indicated.

Knee synthesis treatment is absolutely safe, without any side effects and patients with heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure can comfortably take the treatment.

Surgery: Surgery is always the last option.

Arthroscopy, Unicondylar replacement and Total knee replacement is also performed when indicated.

Wellcome to Dr. Ahmed's Wellcare Orthopaedic Centre-Bangalore to ease your knee joint problems.


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